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[Mark@ALDERAAN.SCRC.Symbolics.COM: Franz Press Release]

Date: Wed, 20 Dec 89 13:13 EST
From: Mark Graffam <Mark@ALDERAAN.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>
Subject: Franz Press Release

FRANZ has joined the CLIM club. Symbolics has sent the first
beta version of CLIM to selected CLOE users last week. Symbolics
will be distributing detailed information on the Symbolics CLIM project January
27, 1990.



December 19, 1989 (Berkeley, CA) FRANZ INC., a leading vendor of LISP sys-
tems, today announced an agreement with International Lisp Associates (ILA) to
support the Common LISP Interface Manager (CLIM), a powerful, high level,
object-oriented user interface management system. Under this agreement, ILA will
provide a version of CLIM for Allegro CL (R), the high performance Common LISP
compiler and interpreter supplied by FRANZ INC.

CLIM addresses an important bottleneck in applications development: the difficulty
in making application - especially complex, interactive ones - portable across
operating  system and hardware. CLIM is an Application Programmer Interface
(API) to the User Interface (UI) capabilities provided by underlying window sys-
tems. CLIM takes advantage of the Common LISP Object System (CLOS) to
enable applications to take on the host system's look and feel, such as OPENLOOK (R)
or Motif (TM).

ILA will coordinate the development of the CLIM and is developing a standard
implementation. The specifications will be submitted to the ANSI Common LISP
committee when completed.

In commenting on the announcement, FRANZ INC. president Fritz Kunze said "We
are very excited about signing this agreement, because we view CLIM as an
important addition to the standards already implemented by the LISP community.
CLIM will be particularly important to developers who wish to pursue a multi-
vendor strategy".

"We've had two objectives from the very beginning of he CLIM effort," said
Mark Son-Bell, president of ILA. "First, to design and build a new user interface
management system for LISP that would incorporate advanced UI technology and
that would be truly portable across all major Common LISPs, operating systems
and window systems. Second, to build a consensus in the LISP community around
CLIM as a standard, especially for the future. With this agreement, we have the
declared support of a critical mass of the largest vendors of LISP products. Our
focus will now shift to finishing the initial release and bringing it to market in a
timely fashion".

According to Son-Bell, ILA will start delivering CLIM for Allegro CL (R) in April
1990. For pricing information, and detailed availability dates, please contact ILA.

FRANZ INC., located in Berkeley, CA is the world's leading supplier of LISP system.
Its flagship products are Allegro CL, Allegro Composer (TM), and FRANZ LISP, for
which it has OEM and third party supplier contracts with major computer companies
and semiconductor manufacturers. 


Allegro CL is a registered trademark of FRANZ INC. Allegro Composer is a trademark 
of FRANZ INC. Motif is a registered trademark of the Open Software Foundation. OPEN
LOOK is a trademark of AT&T.