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Advice sought

    Date: Wed, 20 Dec 89 17:02 EST
    From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)

	Date: Wed, 20 Dec 89 15:08:05 EST
	From: jim@XN.LL.MIT.EDU (Jim L. Washburn)

		So I wonder if there is some way to open communications streams
	from other computers to the host and download/run programs in the MX.  For
	example I am sitting at home, logged in to our VAX.  I would like to tell
	the Symbolics to load the program in ELM:>jim>sys>program.lisp into the
	MX and return the results to me here on the VAX.

    The Genera system includes a TELNET server.  So, you can telnet from
    your Vax to the Lispm.  The TELNET server starts up a Lisp Listener.

    The main things you are missing in this situation are multiple windows,
    the mouse, and asynchronous input.  The first two you mentioned as being
    unimportant in this situation.  The third can be frustrating, as it
    means you can't do things like Control-Suspend and Control-Abort, which
    interrupt the program (if you really need to interrupt a program, you
    can open a second connection, and then use the Debug Process command to
    debug the first process).

    By default, if anyone is logged into the Lisp Machine, TELNET
    connections are refused.  You can use (NETI:TELNET-SERVER-ON) to turn it


It is also possible to communicate from the vax to a process running on
the Symbolics without logging in to the symbolics by using
neti:define-server, or from the Symbolics to a process running on the
vax by using neti:define-protocol .  I've done it over DNA but I presume
it's also possible across other networks (chaos, TCP/IP).
It's actually a bit tricky to set up, and I needed to call on
Symbolics software support as well as our local VMS guru, but it seems
to work ok.   Let me know if you'd like some examples and/or instructions.