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dialing up a 3670 from home ?


Does anyone have experience logging into a Symbolics machine
over the modem?  I have a 3670 configured with a cds224 modem
set with autoanswer = yes.   Things seem to be correctly configured
as I send and receive mail over DIALNET.   However, when I try
to dial up my machine  (using an extremely reliable and robust
kermit + vt100 emulation + Hayes 1200) I never get connected.
I can hear the cds224 modem answering and (I think) adjusting
baudrate, but the connection never gets established.

I've tried all the things I can find in the on-line docs
and previous messages from barmar,
but still no connection.   Any help would be appreciated.

Regards, and Merry Christmas,
Joe Karnicky