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Never ending - ACL

  Some months ago I was naive enough to believe the ACL protection
scheme was for me. I was soon taught the reality of my false beliefs
and I proceeded to eradicated it from the system, or so I thought. It
as now come back to plague me, 7 months later, and try as I might I
can not get rid of it.  Please, if you can help let me know the
incantations to lift this curse and be rid of this satanic tool once
and for all.

  How do I rid myself of not being able to access a directory or not
having the "proper" access to a directory. I have long past removed
the directories which held the access.

>File-Server>    password files
>File-Server>Server-Logs> log files

  It looks as if nfile and its access protection scheme, in
conjunction with tcp, is making most of the trouble. But, even when I
remove those services (file tcp nfile) (file chaos nfile) from the
namespace I still get an access error on some machines. I understand
that the problem as I have laid it out is sketchy, but if you have had
any access problems with ACL or once installed a desire to remove
them, you will know just what I am asking about.

  Thanks, in advance, *devooght*