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Re: Digested SLUG anyone?

I have considered instituting a feed to the Usenet news groups but am
not too familiar with the method of doing that (nor the politics).  I
brought it up once a year ago or so and got no response.  There are a
number (> 20, I think) of sites that already feed locally into a news
group.  (At least, I get a lot of error messages from those feeds.)

If there is only one message a day, would you want that digestified
and sent that day, or wait until the end of the week to send it out?

I have been running the SLUG mailing list for a few years now and have
seen us have heavy times and slow times.  I personally would not run a
digested list if it requires manual intervention to decide when to
send out a digest.  I am not that reliable.  I have other work that
does take precedence (and there are times when I simply could not
respond to an influx of mail).

If the readers want digested mail, then someone will need to run it.
(Gee, if we got BARMAR to run it (which I imagine he doesn't have time
to do), then people's questions will still be answered just as
promptly and we'd have the answer in the digest along with the
question.  But then, if he ran it, he might not have time to answer
all the questions!)  There are a number of things that person will
need to have (like a good mailer, a program that can handle a large
number of reject msgs, etc).

If you feel you (not Kurt, but the generic "you") are getting too much
SLUG mail, I suggest you install a new mailbox that gets your SLUG
mail and then you can look at it whenever you want.  Let your own
system do the digestification for you.  Let SLUG-Request know what to
change your mail address to...

Opinions welcome.