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Lisp Programmer

Position Available for Lisp Programmer.
Environment: Small (10-12 person) research group focosing on AI systems for 
real-time problem solving tasks, with experimental applications in medical 
and engineering domains.
Primary Responsibilities: Manage the group's foundational software 
architecture, BB1. Implement and document new features, maintain overall
system, optimize code, consult with students and other users at Stanford. 
Qualifications: Excellent Lisp programming skills, including AI programming 
techniques and knowledge representation methods. Experience with TI Explorer.
Other useful background: Knowledge of blackboard systems (especially BB1) and 
real-time issues and techniques.
Contact: Dr. Barbara Hayes-Roth
Knowledge Systems Laboratory
Stanford University
701 Welch Road, Building C
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Telphone: (415) 723-0506
E-Mail: Hayes-Roth@Sumex.Stanford.Edu