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A quickie modem survey aimed at Dialnet users

This is a quickie survey to see what sort of modems Dialnet users would
like to see supported in the future, for general planning purposes.  Its
charter is 1only0 to investigate what models of modems would be useful to
support, not the broader question of what you'd like to 1do0 with those

This survey should take about five minutes to fill out.

1.  Which modem or modems would you like to be supported for use by
    Dialnet?  Be careful---for example, not all so-called "Hayes
    compatible" modems are alike; use specific brands and model numbers
    if you know them.  Why are these modems your favorites?

2.  Which modem or modems would you like 1not0 to be supported?  Why?  In
    other words, are there any particular brands or models that seem
    difficult to use reliably, lacking in important features, and so
    forth?  Modems that no one wants to use will not get any attention
    by development.

3.  Which modems, other than the ones you listed above, have you ever
    heard about?  If you have any opinions about any of them, please let
    us know.

4.  If you use Dialnet now, what model modem to you use?  Are you happy
    with it?  Why or why not? 

Thank you 1very0 much for your time.

P.S.  If you're interested in filling out a much longer laundry list of
      questions, which go into more detail about modems in particular
      and what you'd like to use them for in general, please send me
      mail (but please don't send it to the whole list), and I'll send
      you the "long form."  It'll take about an hour for you to fill out,
      but it gives us a tremendous amount of information for planning