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TV:MAIN-SCREEN size in MacIvory

How and when does the Ivory application figure out the size of

I am using an INIT called BlackBox which puts a Next-type application
strip along the right-hand edge of the screen and it patches appropriate
Mac ToolBox routines so that application think that the screen width is
about 22 pixels less than it really is.  For some reason, Ivory is still
using the whole screen.  

I have written a routine that recursively shrinks TV:MAIN-SCREEN and
windows (if necessary) to avoid the BlackBox strip, but I don't know how
to change the size of the Mouse documentation area or the Who-Line below
it.  This means that some mouse documentation strings and who-line
messages run off the edge of the screen.

Furthermore, if I choose "Quit" from the file menu and then resume
Genera by clicking on the appropriate icon, the sizes of TV:MAIN-SCREEN
and the other windows revert to their original values.

I would like to advise the appropriate functions to reduce the size of
TV:MAIN-SCREEN, the mouse doc. line and the WHO-LINE to my liking, or
use some other technique to accomplish this end.

Any suggestions?

Larry Baum
Boeing Advanced Technology Center