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MacIvory Sharing Ethernet with Other Applications?

I've been trying to use TN3270 2.3d7 (and NCSA Telnet 2.3, as well) on a
MacIvory.  The problem is that the two systems can't co-exist on the
ethernet interface under MultiFinder.

If I launch Genera first, it comes up.  Then I launch TN3270 and get an
alert box saying,

    "Network Initialization Failed!
     Couldn't Install IP Handler[E]"

If I re-launch TN3270, it then works, but when I go back to Genera and
try to use the ethernet, it won't work until I disable and re-enable the
network.  Then I go to TN3270 and it has lost communication with the
host.  So I restart it.  No alert box this time; it just runs, but then
Genera... ad infinitum.  Same problem with Telnet instead of TN3270.

1)  Does anyone have any experience with using Genera simultaneously
with these or any other Mac applications that use the ethernet?  (TOPS
and Public Folder have no problems with Genera.)

2)  I don't have MacTCP yet.  Do the MacTCP versions of TN3270 and
Telnet co-exist with Genera?  Has anyone used Genera with the MacTCP
CDEV present?


Paul Suhler
Hybrid Dataflow Systems
IBM Watson Research Center