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MacIvory Sharing Ethernet with Other Applications?

	I've been trying to use TN3270 2.3d7 (and NCSA Telnet 2.3, as well) on
	a MacIvory.  The problem is that the two systems can't co-exist on the
	ethernet interface under MultiFinder.
	... ...

	2) I don't have MacTCP yet.  Do the MacTCP versions of TN3270 and
	Telnet co-exist with Genera?  Has anyone used Genera with the MacTCP
	CDEV present?

Genera and MacTCP will co-exist if MacTCP uses AppleTalk instead of the
Ethernet card. This is set with the Network control panel item. Otherwise we
get the same problems you experience, i.e. the need to disable then enable the
network manually. We have been successful using MacTCP over AppleTalk with
NCSA Telnet and Apple X windows.

Paul Maglio