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Re: Please fill me in....


	    I normally run the Symbolics with the ephemeral GC on, and the
	    incremental GC off.  The difference in paging is (I believe) that the
	    Symbolics ephemeral GC mostly looks at pages that you have used
	    recently, while the AKCL GC looks through the entire memory.
	Yes, of course.  However, I was using Lucid which has some sort of
	ephemeral GC.  I don't know how to compare their ephemeral with
	symbolics though.  Oh well... Thanks again.

Yes, now that we're on the subject, could someone describe Lucid's
debugger in more detail?  I have heard only rumors and marketing hype
about their debugger rewrite for Lucid 3.0 which was supposed to
resolve one of Lucid's weaknesses in the sun-symbolics battle.  I
haven't had the opportunity to use it or study in any detail.  Is it
really an ephemeral?