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S-geometry 3D editor in dw:program-frame

I have been investigating the possibility of running our process planning NC code generation system on 
parts designed in S-geometry so that both design and process planning can be done on one of our Symbolics. 
(At present we use a Vax running Ideas for design input and a Symbolics 3640 for planning)

I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to place a 3d-editor-pane from s-geometry in (dw:programe-frame ...)
by setting the :flavor option of my intended view-port to 3d:3d-editor-pane. This compiled successfully,
but bombed due to a run time error on setting :margin-components when I tried to select the frame. 
I then created a flavor inheriting both 3d-editor-pane and dw:dynamic-window.
(defflavor new-port()(3d-editor-pane dw:dynamic-window)) 

and used it as the :flavor option of my view-port. This compiled successfully and no run time errors 
occured when I selected the frame, although the frame was never exposed. I suspect that I need to write 
a :before :init method on my new-port flavor.

I would appreciate any help I can get in solving this problem.

Arthur A. Keen