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Real Time expert system tool

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Date: Tue, 9 Jan 90 09:57 PST
From: Robert D. Pfeiffer <RDP@ALAN.kahuna.decnet.lockheed.com>
Subject: Real Time expert system tool
To: SLUG@ALAN.kahuna.decnet.lockheed.com
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[Since I couldn't figure out what the correct reply address should be,
I'm replying to the SLUG list.]

    Date: Tue, 9 Jan 90 09:09 MET
    From: "Bernd Wild, FZI" <BWILD%FIX%iravcl.ira.uka.de@RELAY.CS.NET>

    as a member of SLUG I have seen your contributions during the
    last days. I would like to ask you if you know something
    about an expert system tool called RTIME (or so) which should
    support real time requirements and so on ...
    Somebody from Japan told me that your company has developed this
    tool for your own purposes but now (i.e. since 1989) they sell it
    to other parties, too. 
    Thank you for your help,

Sorry, no.  That doesn't mean much, because I work for one particular
Lockheed company (LASC) and know virtually nothing about what goes on in
other companies in the Lockheed corporation (in fact, I don't know very
much about what goes on in LASC either :-) ).  Should I find out
anything of interest about this, I'll post a brief message to the SLUG