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Whither DW? [was: "Buckman on SLUG: What do users REALLY want?"]

 Your guess that the long-term plan is for CLIM to replace Dynamic Windows is a
 good insight.  It seems to me (and I think to a lot of other people) that, as a
 reimplementation based on a better understanding of the problem, and as a
 portable standard, CLIM is going to be a lot more useful to customers than DW,
 and it would be a mistake for Symbolics to take anything away from investment in
 CLIM even to fix the many known bugs in DW.  You won't see CLIM as an integral
 part of Genera 8.0, because the timescale isn't right, but CLIM is definitely
 one of the most important ingredients of the future.

A request for advice, in light of the above:  If you were just now
developing a significant amount of user-interface code for
Symbolics-based applications, what would you do to protect your
investment?  Anything in particular to stay away from in DW?

-- Rich Brandau, GTE Labs