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Re: Kermit?

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Date: Fri, 12 Jan 90 11:40 PST
From: Montgomery Kosma <kosma@ALAN.kahuna.decnet.lockheed.com>
Subject: Re: Kermit?
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    Date: Fri, 12-Jan-90 08:41:27-PST
    Date: Fri, 12 Jan 90 09:10:01 CST
    From: lsmith@CLI.COM (Larry Smith)

    Can anyone point me to a version of Kermit that runs on Genera 7.2? 

    Larry Smith
    Computational Logic, Inc.

welllll, I've got a version of kermit which runs--sort of.  Actually, if
you close your eyes when compiling it, ignoring all the warnings and
stuff, it pretty much works.  It's quite archaic--I think it was
originally written in genera rel 6, but it's been hacked a bit by some
others and it works pretty well (I've tried send/receive, send/receive
to a server).  It emulates a Heathkit terminal (!) and while this its
emulator is pretty darn useless, it actually provides me with a reliable
way to dial out on our modem (as opposed to using the select-T terminal
thing through dialnet (ack! barf!)).

Anyway, I got it from Richard Brandau at GTE (address below) with the
following attached message.  If he's not on the net and already
responding to you, I can send along the kermit files if you'd like.

monty kosma
Lockheed Advanced Research

Date: Wed, 2 Aug 89 11:40 PDT
From: "rjb1%vega@gte.com"@EAGLE
Subject: jdk-read-me.text

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Date: Wed, 2 Aug 89 13:50 EDT
From: Richard J Brandau <rjb1%vega%gte.com@RELAY.CS.NET>
Subject: jdk-read-me.text
To: alan::kosma@RELAY.CS.NET
Message-Id: <19890802175040.4.RJB1@vega.gte.com>

As far as I use kermit, this kermit works for me.  But it is clear that
some of the more exotic features I neither understand nor want to.  This
code is pure shit by any standard --- probably the fault of patches upon
patches.  I've done the basic work of making this run under 7.2 windows
and with the new character regime.  Also, the original version couldn't
possibly run at more than a few KB.  This one maxes out at about 12KB
now raw throughput.  (I use it to transfer files back and forth from my
PC via a null modem at 19.2KB which is good enough.)  If you need higher
transfer rates, you should use a profiler to find out where its wasting
its time.  If you have any comments, complaints, updates, send me
arpanet mail at dekleer.pa@xerox.com.  I'd be interested in receiving
any improvements you make.