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Using serial port as keyboard in Terminal program [Informational]

Has anyone modified the Terminal program to allow the serial port to be
used as an alternate keyboard?  We're getting some bar code readers in,
and they can act as a terminal on an RS-232 line.  The application that
we want to enter the data into is on a different computer, which we'll
be accessing over the network via the Terminal activity.  When the
application prompts for some data, the user will scan the bar code; the
terminal program should accept the serial input and send it to the host
as if the user had typed it on the keyboard.

(Aside to Chucko: this is the application that someone here sent you
mail about while I was in class there.)

What I imagine it requires is modifying the input filter so that instead
of just reading from the window stream it builds a composite stream that
funnels data from multiple input streams.