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re: Kermit?

I've gotten a few responses about Kermits for 7.2. Several people
offered to give me a copy if I sent a tape. Every one described their
version as a "hack" that worked well enough. And each mentioned the
rumor of a good one around somewhere.

I also got several requests to summarize for the newsgroup. I wish I
had thought of this before hand. Those people offered to give me
copies of Kermit, but I'd feel funny forwarding those personal favors
to the entire newsgroup.

So, I'll start over. Those who reponded to me before, thanks! If you'd
like me to include you in a summary of available Kermits, would you
please respond again? 

If there's someone out there who has the rumored first-class
implementation, would you please speak up?

I won't include anything in the summary for the newsgroup unless you
specifically give me the OK.

By the way, about sending tapes. I've had good luck sending code
simply in a mail message. Anyone want to try it?

Thanks again,

Larry Smith
Computational Logic, Inc.