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CLIM in Genera 8.0?

    Date: Fri 12 Jan 90 15:02:21-PST
    From: TAYLOR@PLUTO.ARC.NASA.GOV (Will Taylor)

At the beginning of January I forwarded a press release from
Franz, Inc. which announced their commitment to CLIM. At that 
time I mentioned that Symbolics would released detailed 
information on the "SYMBOLICS CLIM product" on January 26, 1990.
We are still committed to this date. 

I will answer your questions as best I can today, but I would like
further questions to be held until we can document the plan for 
everyone to read on the 26th. 

    Will CLIM's initial release be as part of Genera 8.0 or will it be
    a layered product?

SYMBOLICS CLIM will be a layered product to be released after Genera 8.0 for non CLOE
customers. It will be bundled into CLOE Release 3.0 for CLOE customers.

    If a layered product, can someone send me info on how to procure it
    (order #, price, ...) so that I can start the system moving and get it
    as soon as possible.

We cannot give you the order numbers today. SYMBOLICS CLIM will have three
additional components over the CLIM core that is distributed from ILA. You should
budget $1K for SYMBOLICS CLIM, if you are not a CLOE customer. We are currently planning
the initial release of SYMBOLICS CLIM mid summer 1990 for non CLOE customers.

    Thanks - Will Taylor         taylor@pluto.arc.nasa.gov

Your welcome -Mark