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login to lispm over DNA

    Date: Wed, 20 Dec 89 17:02 EST
    From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)

    The Genera system includes a TELNET server.  So, you can telnet from
    your Vax to the Lispm.  The TELNET server starts up a Lisp Listener.

    By default, if anyone is logged into the Lisp Machine, TELNET
    connections are refused.  You can use (NETI:TELNET-SERVER-ON) to turn it

Is it possible to do this over DNA?
I am trying to login to my lispm from a vax by using SET HOST, and I get 
the response "connect to network object timed-out or failed"
Statements in the on-line documentation indicate that the TELNET and SUPDUP
protocols are only supported by the CHAOS and TCP media.   Also, there is
no LOGIN service listed among the DNA protocols supported by Symbolics
computers as servers.   Any help would be appreciated.

Joe Karnicky