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login to lispm over DNA

    Date: Tue, 16 Jan 90 16:43 PST
    From: JFK@Bold-Eagle.Varian.Dialnet.Symbolics.Com (Joe F. Karnicky)

	Date: Wed, 20 Dec 89 17:02 EST
	From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)

	The Genera system includes a TELNET server.  So, you can telnet from
	your Vax to the Lispm.  The TELNET server starts up a Lisp Listener.

	By default, if anyone is logged into the Lisp Machine, TELNET
	connections are refused.  You can use (NETI:TELNET-SERVER-ON) to turn it

    Is it possible to do this over DNA?

I don't know anything about the Symbolics DNA product.  I can't offhand
thing of a reason it couldn't support DEC's terminal protocol (LAT),
except perhaps for the fact that DEC hasn't published the specification.