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File read performance (was LispM Market Share)

    Date: Tue, 16 Jan 90 16:00 CST
    From: ai.gooch@MCC.COM (William D. Gooch)
    Date: Mon, 15 Jan 90 10:08 EST
    From: Len%AIP1%TSD%atc.bendix.com@RELAY.CS.NET

    4. File read performance is crummy on the Lispms.  Since that's done so
       often, it leaves the impression that the Lispms are slow machines. 

I think you are refering to LMFS performance, right?
Actually, LISPMs typically do1 far0 less file IO than (say) UNIX machines, because 
multiple processes all live in the same address space.  Resouces have gone into 
making UNIX file IO fast because it's central to the modus operendi.  Pipes, for 
instance, amount to doing disk IO without actually going to disk.