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name of UX400S

On a lighter note, does anyone think Symbolics made a big blunder with the
name of the Sun embedding?  I see regular contributors to this forum
getting the name wrong all the time.  Some people leave off the "S" at the
end (my understanding is that the embeddings for different Unix machines
will have a different suffix to distinguish them), and some people write
"UXL400", mixing up the names of the UX400S and the XL400.  No one had
trouble with the MacIvory name; I was expecting the Sun embedding to be
named SunIvory.

In general, I think Symbolics has a poor history of naming things.  The
model numbers in the 3600 series make little sense to me.  Who knows what
Showcase, SmartStore, SemantiCue are?  Where did the name Genera come from?
I think MacIvory and Dynamic Windows are the only memorable names they've
come up with.