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Re: name of UX400S

Date: Thu, 18 Jan 90 04:56:20 EST
From: barmar@Think.COM
Subject: name of UX400S
On a lighter note, does anyone think Symbolics made a big blunder with the
name of the Sun embedding?  I see regular contributors to this forum
getting the name wrong all the time.  Some people leave off the "S" at the
named SunIvory.
In general, I think Symbolics has a poor history of naming things.  The
model numbers in the 3600 series make little sense to me.  Who knows what

I agree, almost completely.  Symbolics names are pretty poor in
general from a marketing perspective, and they could have done better
if they just wanted interesting sounding names!  "MacIvory" is nice,
and I don't think Statice is too bad.  The "S-.." graphics products --
whiy couldn't they have named those "Sym-" instead?  "SymPaint" would
have sounded so much better.