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Adding a description to a file

   Date: Thu, 18 Jan 90 09:09:46 MST
   From: intvax!gnome!drstrip@unmvax.cs.unm.edu (David R. Strip)

   How do I add a property to a file (like a comment as to what's in it) and
   make it visible in the select-F file editor.
   David Strip

You can add properties to files with the FS:CHANGE-FILE-PROPERTIES
function.  If the file is on a LMFS server then arbitrary string-valued
properties may be put on files.

However, random properties that the user adds aren't displayed by any
standard software.

For FEP files, the comment that is shown in brackets is in the :COMMENT
property.  This property isn't displayed for LMFS files, though; the file
reference date or directory expunge date is displayed instead.