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Re: Manual bug on REMOVE

Yes, this is true.  However, the example given in the manual is on assoc lists:
(setq gems (pairlis '(jade ruby)'(black red))) => ((RUBY . RED) (JADE . BLACK))

The manual says "You can use the generalized sequence function REMOVE to remove
an indicator and value pair from an association list.  REMOVE finds the first
instance of a cons whose car is EQL to the indicator, and removes the pair
from the association list."

In this context, the "cons" refers to a member of the assoc list, not to the
conses making up the list; and the "car of the cons" refers to RUBY and JADE.

This is supported by the example, which says

X X "(remove 'ruby gems)  => ((JADE . BLACK))"  [sic][paraphrased].

It is necessary to use ":key #'car" to obtain the desired results. 
		John Myers~~