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Default :ELEMENT-TYPE for OPEN (was LispMachine File Reading Time)

    Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1990 9:09:38 PST
    From: price%iris.usc.edu@usc.edu.ARPANET (Keith Price)

    From: Robert W. Kerns <RWK@FUJI.ILA.Dialnet.Symbolics.COM>
    Subject: LispMachine File Reading Time.

	Did you use :ELEMENT-TYPE 'STRING-CHAR streams?  If not,
	you were in some sense comparing apples and oranges, and the
	real Symbolics times will be noticably faster.
    The manual claims that that is the Symbolics default.

CLtL and the Symbolics manual "Reference Guide to Streams, Files, and
IO" (Manual 5, Genera 7.2) say that 'STRING-CHAR is the default for
OPEN.  A quick check of the arglist (<ctrl>-<shift>-A) on my 7.2 3650

			(FS:IF-EXISTS 'FS:|See-CltL|)
			(ERROR T)

Note that 'CHARACTER is the default for :ELEMENT-TYPE.