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Re: Hardware Maint. on Time&Materials?

    Date: 24 Jan 90 10:33:50 GMT
    From: raymond@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov (Eric A. Raymond)

    barmar@Think.COM writes:
    >Also, if you do the simple things yourself your maintenance bill won't run
    >too high.  For instance, Symbolics assumes that their service people will
    >do simple console adjustments or reinstall machines when they're moved.  We

    SO how does one adjust a console when the image is offset or scaled
    slightly wrong?

Open it up, and on the deflection board there are a bunch of pots.  On
Philips consoles they can be adjusted by hand pretty easily, as they
have plastic thumbwheels.  On Moniterms you need a tiny screwdriver.
There's a sticker on the tube that says what each pot is for, e.g.
VERTICAL CENTERING adjusts the vertical offset.  It's just a little more
complicated than adjusting a 60's vintage TV.