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RE: statice port to Unix

    Albert Boulanger (aboulanger@bbn.com; BBN Systems & Technologies Corp.)
    raises the issue of Statice availability on Unix.  
    >       Integrate Statice with CLOS (I know I've already said this in mail on
    >       Genera-8-0-Beta but I'm trying to be a squeaky wheel :-) ).  What I'd
    >       like to be able to do is to write Statice DEFINE-ENTITY-TYPEsand CLOS
    >       DEFMETHODs.  Another thing we might like (although for us the priority
    >       definitely wouldn't be as high) is Statice running on a Sun.
    Is there anyone else interested in running Statice on a SUN?  We are
    contemplating requesting that Symbolics make a Unix port.  We are also
    considering if we should pay Symbolics for the port. If we are the only
    potential client for this product, then it is reasonable for us to pay
    the porting cost.  However, if there is a sufficiently large potential
    market out, the cost of the port would be more manageable for us.
  I actually did not write the original message but a reply to it. We at
  BBN would like to see Statice (or something like it) interface to
  other database systems like ORACLE -- something like the HP product
  but runable from Symbolics and based on CLOS. This would be used in a
  product we at BBN are developing for the IRS.
  Albert Boulanger
  BBN Systems & Technologies Corporation