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Re: Hardware Maint. on Time&Materials?

    Date: Wed, 24 Jan 90 15:26 PST
    From: TYSON@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM (Mabry Tyson)
    Remember you are near high voltages and can get fried if you slip.  

Thanks for pointing that out.  And the rest of you, pay attention.
Right off the bat I can think of three different ways to suffer serious
personal injury or death while trying to adjust a display from the
inside (any brand, not just Symbolics).  Only one of them involves
    While we are on this subject, can someone from Symbolics tell me why it was
    decided to have different sized (pixel-size) consoles when they all have a
    wide range of adjustment to adjust a specific (say 1250x760) size to fill
    the screen.  There are all sorts of little things this impacts upon (like
    losing a mouse-sensitive item on a particular frame until I hit Function
    Refresh after booting on a machine with a different size screen).

There are a number of answers to this question, but the one I like best is:

Here in the embedded future, and with X Windows, and soon with CLIM, the
size of the screen is not under our control.  So don't complain to
Symbolics about it.  If you want your applications to run on a range of
platforms, you have to make them adaptable to different size screens
(and yes, the bug you found that sometimes makes Zmail fail to adapt
to a different size screen will fixed in Genera 8.0; thanks for spending
so much time nailing it down).

This of course doesn't answer the question you asked, it is only an
argument that you should not care about the answer.