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Re: SLUG Meeting with Symbolics VP Customer Service

    Date: Thu, 25 Jan 90 11:18 EST
    From: pan@Athena.Pangaro.Dialnet.Symbolics.Com (Paul Pangaro)


    I believe that this respondent is un-informed and un-realistic (either about
    the clout that SLUG has, or the seriousness with which Symbolics takes SLUG's
    input --- I mean as manifest in responsive action on Symbolics' part, not lip
    servce).  Each meeting with Symbolics over the years of my direct experience
    and responsibility with SLUG has included repetition, repetition and
    repetition.  You can't beat Symbolics over the head --- and if you think you
    1can0, take your turn at trying it. I find it rather fatiguing (and as anyone
    from Symbolics who has dealt with the recently will tell you) my patience is

    The dates are being tracked and will continue to be reported on.


I concur with Paul that Symbolics has not been as responsive as we users would
like them to be.  (I do realize that the purpose of a company is NOT to
make its customers happy although that usually is a good idea.)

However, the purpose of this message is not to complain to Symbolics but to
praise Paul.  He, as Rich Cohen did before him, has worked extremely hard
to keep Symbolics in touch with their customers.  Being on the inside, I've
seen how much both these gentlemen have done (in their different ways)
for Symbolics's customers (and hence for Symbolics).

I know how draining this constant pressure can be.  Paul has worked bravely
and ably for several years now.  I have been impressed by his attention to
the goings on at Symbolics and how he has been able to deal with them.

I hope that some of you out there will be willing to step forward to help
SLUG when the next annual meeting is held (at Stanford in June).  It's time
to think about it now.  If the current people get worn out and can't continue,
then someone must step forward and help with their share of the load.
If not, SLUG will fold and Symbolics will not have a common voice from its

A lot of us are researchers or system managers and don't know a lot
about running an organization like SLUG or how to influence a company
like Symbolics.  This is a gentle introduction to the world of business
without all the traumas of starting your own business.  Come give us
your fresh ideas and energy.  Maybe you will be the one to help
Symbolics become the company it should be.  If you might be interested
in helping out, send a note to SLUG-PRESIDENT or SLUG-BOARD