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Re: Symbolics Marketing Strategy

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Subject: Re: Symbolics Marketing Strategy
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    Date: Thu, 25 Jan 90 17:47:50 EST
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    Another idea which I've put forward is that they could bundle all new
    layered products (and the entire software library for new customers) in an
    initial distribution. Then you have a version which is not supported, but
    which will probably not need any support for a year or so. Hence you can
    try it out. If its useful, then you can sign up for support (updates) and
    pay an initial purchase fee, as well. This would help "advertise" it, but
    the price still has to be right, as Brad points out. This also has not gone
    over, but I repeat it every once in awhile.

I, for one, think that this is a GREAT IDEA!