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statice port to Unix

The following forwarded message is gerson's reply.

Since there are no clear plans to market a Unix version of Statice,
let's try to get together to request it.  So

Please reply to

I will collect all the replies and post a summary as I promised.

[The reason why I am re-posting this request is that when Jan Walker 
note hit the net, further replies have stopped.  Could it be that some
people missread Walker's note?  Well, I don't know, but please reply if
you are in the seriously interested category.  Good survey results would
significantly help in negotiating with Symbolics.]

Thank you to those who have already replied

Leslie Walko
Database and Systems Research Group
Computer Sciences Research
Bell Communications Research
Morristown, New Jersey				attila@bellcore.com

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Date: Thu, 25 Jan 90 17:09 EST
From: Dan Gerson <gerson@parc.xerox.com>
To: attila@flash.bellcore.com
In-Reply-To: Leslie A. Walko's message of Thu, 25 Jan 90 13:13 EST <19900125181307.7.ATTILA@MERLIN.bellcore.com>
Subject: Re: [jwalker@crl.dec.com: statice port to Unix ]
Status: RO

We have converted the Statice client (which is almost all of the Statice code
given Statice's client/server model) to run in Lucid Common Lisp under SunOS.
Currently the server still runs on a Symbolics machine, although we have a
project underway to convert that as well.  The converted code has been in use by
some of our research projects for about four months now, and has progressed to
the point where the only bugs we encounter now are in the original Symbolics
code and are not due to the conversion.  I have not yet run any benchmarks
comparing Statice running on a Sun (in our case a 4/330 with 24MB of memory)
against Statice running on the Symbolics machine, nor have we done any
performance tuning yet.

Unfortunately, our license with Symbolics permits us to run our converted code
only within the Xerox family of companies.  Symbolics does not permit us to
distribute our converted version of Statice.  Similarly, Symbolics has a license
to use our converted code only inside of Symbolics, and they would have to come
to an additional agreement with Xerox before they can distribute it.  However,
Xerox has actually agreed to give Symbolics such a license, so it is certainly

Xerox does not currently have any plans to redistribute our converted version of
Statice since we are just using it for our own research.  So if our converted
code gets generally distributed, it will be done by Symbolics.  I can't say
whether Symbolics has any plans or not to market our converted version for Suns.
They do seem to be fairly interested, so you should probably contact them for
more information or to register your interest.

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