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directory for system binaries?

    Date: Wed, 31 Jan 90 09:43 PST
    From: snicoud@atc.boeing.com (Stephen Nicoud)

    Is there any way to specify at compile-time that binaries for a system
    should go into a directory different from the default pathname as
    specified in the defsystem form?  SCT doesn't appear to have that
    option.  Can I muck with the logical-pathname-host to do this?

SCT allows you to specify this in the defsystem form, but not in the
compile-system call.  But you might be able to do it with a translation
like the following:

	:translations '(("FOO:FOO;*.BIN.*" ">foo>binaries>*.bin.*")
		        ("FOO:**;*.BIN.*" ">foo>binaries>**>*.bin.*")
			("FOO:FOO;*.*.*" ">foo>sources>*.*.*")
			("FOO:**;*.*.*" ">foo>sources>**>*.*.*"))

If you have Ivory machines you would also want to specify .IBIN
translations (and you could even have separate binary and ibinary

One drawback to this is that sometimes you operate on files using
physical pathnames.  For instance, when you compile a file from the
editor it uses the physical pathname, so the binary will be written into
the source directory.