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directory for system binaries?

    Date: Wed, 31 Jan 90 10:45 PST
    From: Stephen Nicoud <snicoud@atc.boeing.com>

	Date: Wed, 31 Jan 90 13:19 EST
	From: Barry Margolin <barmar@Think.COM.ARPANET>

	    Date: Wed, 31 Jan 90 09:43 PST
	    From: snicoud@atc.boeing.com (Stephen Nicoud)

	    Is there any way to specify at compile-time that binaries for a system
	    should go into a directory different from the default pathname as
	    specified in the defsystem form?  SCT doesn't appear to have that
	    option.  Can I muck with the logical-pathname-host to do this?

	SCT allows you to specify this in the defsystem form, but not in the

    I can't find any reference to this.  How can I specify it in the
    defsystem form?

I believe it's the :default-destination-pathname option.  It appears to
be undocumented.