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Costs of Upgrade MacIvory I -> MacIvory II


this is a request to Symbolics customers in the United States.

Some people here at GMD (German National Research Center for
Computer Science) want to upgrade their MacIvory Processor 
Model I to Model II. Symbolics Germany charges DM 18,500
(without taxes) for one processor upgrade (this corresponds
to a price of US $ 11,000, provided today's exchange rate of
1 $ = 1.68 DM). Perhaps we are wrong, but we think that the
price is far too high, even with the discount offered for a 
4-pack (price per upgrade US $ 8,400).

Could somebody tell us what the upgrade costs in the United
States (just one upgrade, without taxes and discounts)?
We just want to improve our basis of negotiation.

Thanks in advance.

(- eric ->

Erich Rome (eric@rainbow%gmdzi.uucp, eric@gmdzi.uucp)
Postfach 1240
Schloss Birlinghoven
D-5205 St. Augustin 1
West Germany