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Hacking TELNET (Terminal Emulator) - Meta-key-p

    Date: 1 Feb 90 03:58:41 GMT
    From: raymond@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov (Eric A. Raymond)

    Are there any hacks that people have developed for TELNET?

    One thing that I'd like to do is use the LISPM <meta> key.  Does
    anyone have a hack/tercap combo which works?

In 8.0, when the terminal program is emulating an ASCII terminal meta
characters are sent as <Escape> followed by the corresponding character.
This is compatible with several programs, most specifically GNU-Emacs.

    Here's a little hack that automagically defaults my terminal simulator
    type to a VT100:
    (setf (cadr (assoc 'otherwise TELNET:*HOST-DEFAULT-TERMINAL-SIMULATORS*))

    Each cons in TELNET:*HOST-DEFAULT-TERMINAL-SIMULATORS* is of the form
    (host-os default-simulator-type), where host-os is the "System Type*"
    attribute of the host in the namespace (I think).

    Eric A. Raymond  (raymond@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov)
    G7 C7 G7 G#7 G7 G+13 C7 GM7 Am7 Bm7 Bd7 Am7 C7 Do13 G7 C7 G7 D+13: Elmore James