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pathnames on NFS mounted Symbolics.

    Date: Wed, 31 Jan 90 12:35 PST
    From: snicoud@atc.boeing.com (Stephen Nicoud)

    I guess I consider this a bug, but I was hoping that someone could show
    me an easy way to rename the uppercase files to lowercase.  For SCT
    purposes, it's important that I retain the file versions.  The only way
    I know of is to rename them to some different, reboot, and rename them
    back.  This apparently flushes the system of the bogus pathnames and
    allows renaming them to all lowercase.  However, there are bunch of
    files in UPPERCASE and this would take a great deal of tracking.

    Any ideas?

The bug in ILA-NFS is that it is using an EQUAL hash table to keep track
of the highest versions of files, and (equal "foo" "FOO") is not true.
Unfortunately, there's no EQUALP hash table.  The fix is to downcase the
names before putting them into the hash table.  Here's how to implement
this fix:

In SYS:NFS;NFS-DEFS.LISP, in the function NEWVER-NOTE, change (cons name
type) to (cons (string-downcase name) (string-downcase type)) and
recompile the function.  Then do (clear-resource 'newver-htable) to
reset any existing hash tables that might have multiple entries that
differ only in case.

This is much easier than trying to rename the files to have the same
case, and it's more permanent.