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Re: SLUG Tapes Query

    Date: Sun, 4 Feb 90 16:58 EST
    From: Paul Pangaro <pan@Athena.Pangaro.Dialnet.Symbolics.Com>

	Date: Fri, 2 Feb 90 17:31:41 EST

	CC: Malkin@yktvmh

    Please note that all enquiries about sub-sets of SLUG interests should
    be routed to the appropriate list. Here is the current set:

    slug@ai.sri.com				Whole list of SLUG recipients
    slug-board@ai.sri.com			Official Board, plus extended associates (e.g., treasurer, SLUG-Japan)
    slug-board-only@ai.sri.com		Board members only
    slug-president@ai.sri.com		President (or alternate if away from DIALnet)
    slug-membership@ai.sri.com		National Membership Librarian
    slug-treasurer@ai.sri.com		National Treasurer
    slug-librarian@ai.sri.com			Librarian, for SLUG tape information
    slug-liaison@ai.sri.com			Symbolics' liaison to SLUG
    slug-liaison-international@ai.sri.com	Symbolics' liaison to international users
    slug-dial@ai.sri.com			Discussion of DIALnet facilities to be implemented on users' behalf
						    by Symbolics

    slug-sig-ai@ai.sri.com			Special Interest Group in AI Products (Joshua/Concordia/Statice)
    slug-shared-maint@ai.sri.com		Special Interest Group for users on shared maintenance, and other interested parties
    slug-dialnet@ai.sri.com			Special Interest Group for DIALnet users
    slug-chapters@ai.sri.com			Group leaders for "local" users groups internationally

    slug-90-organization@ai.sri.com	Organization list for slug-90
    slug-90@ai.sri.com				General list of individuals associated with slug-90

	SLUG-Bug,slug-dialnet (Not = to SLUG-DIAL ??), slug-chapters.

    (As per the Internet convention, joining a list is done by sending
    e-mail to list-name-request@foo.etc.com)

Some that Paul missed:

	SLUG-DIALNET-REGISTRY@ai.sri.com	Registrar for SLUG Dialnet registration
	BARESLUG@ai.sri.com			San Francisco Bay Area SLUG people
						  (part of SLUG mailing list)
	SLUG-CONSULTING@ai.sri.com		For discussing issues about consulting

SLUG-ADMIN is used as the address for SLUG mail that gets bounced
(assuming the host doing the bouncing is up to spec).  I only look at
that every so often.  However, if you get some bounced mail (from an
out-of-spec host) and want to send it to that address, please do.

I try to make all the above have their own -REQUEST address but they all
just forward to SLUG-REQUEST so use that if you want.  Please use SLUG-REQUEST
rather than my own personal address.  Both go into my mail box (so I see
them immediately) but the SLUG-REQUEST messages are archived in a different

(Sorry, you can not currently M-X SHOW MAILING LIST on the above
addresses.  But would you really want to see all those people on the
SLUG mailing list?)

Mabry Tyson