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MacIvory in a IIcx

    Does anyone know if two expansion slots of a MacIIcx are enough for the
    Ivory board and the memory expansion board? (I heard that in a MacIIx
    they take up three slots; I need the third and last slot of the IIcx for
    the video card).  Any other problems associated with configuring a
    MacIIcx as a MacIvory?

We have had mixed results with this. One of the MacIvory boards has a daughter
board on it which effectively prohibits having another board in an adjacent 
slot on that side. Thus it has to be installed at the end - closest to the 
internal drive etc. 
When you do this the board is right up against the housing for the fan but it
will fit. You can have your video card BUT you will NOT have room for an ethernet
board if you are planning on networking to other Symbolics machines. We were
able to install our first MacIvory board in a IIcx and bring it across the country
with no ill effects. However the second board we received had  small plastic
spacers on the corners of the large mother/daughter board. It turns out that this
spacer is in the way of one of the downward protruding tabs of the top of the IIcx 
case. We were unable to close the case, apparently in our earlier version the
boards "eased out of the way" of this tab but with the spacer they can't. You will
either have to remove the spacer - probably doing in your board at the same time if
you handle it too much, or file down that tab on the case. We simply ended up 
putting ours in a spare Mac II, not exactly a solution. 

 Jeff DeLisio