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CLIM and Sun Windows

The idea of CLIM is that it can be run on top of many different window
systems.  Therefore, it seems more logical, and possibly easier, to
develop an interface from CLIM to the Lucid Window Toolkit.  Many of the
facilities in CLX are closely tied to X windows concepts that probably
don't exist in SunView, so it would be pretty hard to develop an
CLX->SunView translator.

What about using XView from Sun?  I was under the impression that this
is a windowing library whose calling sequence is compatible with
SunView, but which uses X/NeWS underneath.  This would allow you to run
SunView-based applications on a workstation using X rather than
SunTools.  Theoretically you'd just need to relink the SunView-based 3rd
party applications.