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RE: CLIM and Sun Windows

    Date: 7 Feb 90 09:21:00 EST
    From: harper1@aldncf.alcoa.com (M HARPER)

	    Mike Harper
	    Alcoa Laboratories

	 I have a problem related to the changing developments in window 
    interfaces.  My group is currently well into a project in which 
    we develop and debug on a Symbolics platform and deliver on a 
    Sun4 system using Lucid.  Up until now, we have used the Lucid 
    Window Toolkit distributed with their Common Lisp; which sits on 
    top of SunView.  In order to use any of the new CLIM 
    implementations (including Lucid's), we have to move to X Windows 
    or Sun's new Open Windows environment.

At OOPSLA '89 there was a paper from Sun Microsystems called:  "The Use
of Multimethods and Method Combination in a CLOS Based Window Interface"
(by Muller, H., Rose, J., Kempf, J., & Stansbury, T.).  In this paper a
system called SOLO is described as a virtual window machine.  SOLO is
being developed by Sun for use in Sun/Lucid Common Lisp.  SOLO provides
an interface/protocol for a window system.  SOLO sits on top of native
window systems.  The paper listed 3 window systems which SOLO supports:
Lucid Window Toolkit, X and NeWS.

Perhaps if SOLO is integrated with CLIM, it might give you what you