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    Date: Wed, 7 Feb 90 16:12 EST
    From: miller@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU (Brad Miller)

1    Would anyone from Symbolics care to comment about the 8.0 release? I'd be
    very interested in the following points, and I'd expect there are others on
    the list who might be interested as well...

0I will be happy to comment. I need a day or so to get the answers together.

1    1. Timing (when might customers get it), e.g. April, June, ... I don't
    expect an exact date, but +/- a month would be helpful.

    2. Substantive Changes to the Way Things are Now
       e.g. dropping support for <foo>, new interface to <bar> 
       <No, I don't expect a copy of the release notes, just, like the bullet
       items on the subchapters>

    3. Substantive Performance Enhancements / Degradations
       e.g. we finally fixed the disk subsystem :-); 3620s and 50s are finally
       almost as fast with i/o as 70s and 40s...; better GC performance...

    In particular I'm curious about the status of

    CLOS (well integrated/ bag on the side of flavors/ pcl clone)

    ANSI draft standard COMMON LISP (all / some / most with exception of <>)

    X windows (part of Genera / still layered / server only / client only)
	      (r11.4 compatible / r 11.3 compatible / r 12.0 compatible :-)

    CLX (part of Genera?)

    NFS (part of Genera / still layered)

    TCP (part of Genera / still layered)

    <<we're still running 7.2 here; so the questions above should be taken in
    light of 36xx machines that don't NEED NFS/TCP/X to work as, say, the UX400S
    does, which I presume comes standard with these). >>