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Using UX400S from XTERM workstations

I have some xterminal workstations (NCD's and HDS's) and I'm trying to
pull up a genera window on them.  These workstations run X11.3 and
connect to the UX400's embedded host.  We have the fonts for these workstations
and their in the X font path.

I created a host namespace object for one of these xterms, NCD3.  I gave it
all of the services that the EMBEDDED HOST has, most of which it doesn't
support.  I also tried only giving NCD4 the X-WINDOW-SYSTEM service.  Neither
configuration worked.

I executed a 'Start X Screen NCD4' from a UX400 window running on the embedded
host and it remained blocked in the 'TCP in' state.  It definitely connected
to NCD4 (a tcp connection appeared in Peek), but it just couldn't read

Does anyone know how to set up the host namespace entries for these
workstations correctly?  What is the machine type and system type
(and does it really matter)?  Is there anything obvious (or not obvious) that
I'm doing wrong?  Has anyone done this successfully?  Is there a God?

-- David Magerman (magerman@linc.cis.upenn.edu)
University of Pennsylvania LINC Laboratory