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Stipple Editor???

    Date: Thu, 8 Feb 90 15:25 PST
    From: Charest@AI-SUN.jpl.nasa.gov (Len Charest)

    In Symbolics' documentation volume 7B "Programming the User Interface-Dictionary"
    (for release 7.2) on page 450 under the description of the :STIPPLE option to 
    drawing functions there is the following:
	    "You can create your own stipple patterns using the stipple editor
	    which, if it is loaded, is invoked by pressing SELECT |."
    What the hell is the stipple editor? How do I load it?
    Is there a general purpose bitmap editor available for the Symbolics (the Font
    Editor doesn't cut it as a general purpose tool)? Specifically, I am interested 
    in a tool that can read MacPaint and/or TIFF files and write Symbolics IMAGE
    files or Lisp arrays.

The Stipple Editor is presently part of the Concordia product.  I will
send mail to the right places to see if it can be unbundled, but I can't
promise anything.