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386-based Lisp delivery platform experience anyone?

    I'm looking into setting up a 386-based delivery platform for 
    Lisp code developed on Symbolics 36XX and TI Explorers.
    In the long term CL, CLOS and CLIM are a ``must'' but I'm willing 
    to make interim compromisses.
    Anybody had any experience with such endeavor which he or she 
    might want to share?

We have had a very good experience using Symbolics' CLOE software to
move lisp code to MSDOS 386 machines (UNIX is targetable with CLOE
also).  We now have a beta copy of CLIM for CLOE which we've been too
busy to try out yet.

I'de be happy to try to answer any specific questions you have about our
experience using CLOE.  One "interim compromise" you may have to make
pertains to CLOS performance.  Depending on what you are doing, current
CLOS implementations may prove too slow for you.  Fortunately, (new)
flavors are supported for CLOE.