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Flavors compatibility between Lucid and Genera

I decided to port my programs from Genera to Lucid Lisp on a Sparc.
(Let me make my excuse: I want to run them on a computer installed in
the trunk of my car.  A Sparc will fit, a 3650 won't.)

When I saw that Lucid had a version of Flavors, I thought it would be
easy.  But alas, I discover that Lucid implements an old version of

1) It uses the old syntax for defmethod, that is, you write
 (defmethod (flavor method)...) not (defmethod (method flavor)..)

2) It does not support generic methods!  

3) As a corollary, it does not support :readable- or :writable- instance variables.

4) It does not send the :init message to newly created instance.
(Needless to say, it does not use the make-instance generic method.)

I don't want to re-write my program in CLOS/PCL just so I can run it
on two machines.  I think instead I can write some ADVISE around the
Lucid functions to fix these problems.  Before I do, has anyone out
there already done it?

Best wishes,