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Re: Flavors compatibility between Lucid and Genera

In article <1104@yarra-glen.aaii.oz.au> you write:
>I decided to port my programs from Genera to Lucid Lisp on a Sparc.
>(Let me make my excuse: I want to run them on a computer installed in
>the trunk of my car.  A Sparc will fit, a 3650 won't.)
>I don't want to re-write my program in CLOS/PCL just so I can run it
>on two machines.  I think instead I can write some ADVISE around the
>Lucid functions to fix these problems.  Before I do, has anyone out
>there already done it?
>Best wishes,

You might want to consider the following solution:

Get Genera 8.0 (still in beta test I guess), get Lucid 4.0 (still in beta test
too) and use the conversion tool provided in Genera 8.0 to convert your
programs from Symbolics Flavors to CLOS.

This is what I did on my programs. The conversion is not perfect, but it does
most of the job. You still have to check for unparsable defflavor init-options
or other features present in Flavor but not in CLOS. 

Anyway, the resulting code run perfectly well on both machine.
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