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Zgraph now available via anonymous ftp

I know I'm probably going to regret this (see below), but:

ZGRAPH is again available by anonymous ftp.

Please look at a.cs.uiuc.edu, under pub/QPE.  What you will find is a
TAR file, ZGRAPH.TAR, which contains versions for Symbolics Release 6,
Release 7, TI Explorers, and IBM RT's running Lucid Common Lisp.
Warning: the Explorer version is very old.  The RT version doesn't
have as many of the fancy features as the others, because (like the
rest of the world, it seems) we are waiting for CLIM to do a full
rewrite of ZGRAPH.

In a few weeks (e.g., Real Soon Now) I'll be putting the latest
version of QPE in the same place, and it contains graphical interfaces
that exploit ZGRAPH if you need more examples.

Happy hacking.

[BUT PLEASE NOTE: My students and I are very happy to make our tools
available to the community as they become stable.  We believe in
software as a means of communicating ideas, and that that is probably
the only reasonable model of software for people in academic life.
However, last time we made ZGRAPH available there was a veritable
flood of people wanting it on cartridge tapes, 9" reels, floppies,
etc.  If we tried to respond to all the requests for other means of
distribution, nothing else would get done.  We simply do not have the
facilities for responding to such requests.  If you can't get access
to ZGRAPH over the net, try to set up an arrangement with a friend who
does have net access.  Thank you for understanding.]