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Re: Zgraph now available via anonymous ftp

    Date: Fri, 7 Apr 89 15:38:16 -0500
    From: forbus@p.cs.uiuc.edu (Kenneth Forbus)

    A few months ago  I posted an offer to make Zgraph, a program
    which plots arbitrary directed graphs, on a.cs.uiuc.edu.
    Zgraph was originally written for Symbolics Release 6 and TI
    Explorers by John Hogge when he was a student here at U of I.
    Since then, it has been ported to Release 7 and onto IBM RT's
    running Lucid Common Lisps.  The file pub/ZGRAPH.TAR contains
    all four versions.  

Well, yes, it's been a year :-), but I finally got to the point where i
might be able to use this so I went to ftp it and it isn't there! Any chance
of it's being made available again?