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As you all know Slug 90 will be at Stanford during the week of June 18 - 22.
We are currently filling out what will be scheduled. Since this is a user's
group meeting, it is appropriate that the users determine what will be on
the agenda, so:

(a) Are their third-party vendors which you would like to see represented
    in some way at SLUG 90. They might give a tutorial (typically given
    during the first two days of the week), set up and demo their product,
    etc. Tell us what you'd like to see them do, and give us as much contact
    info as possible (company name, product name(s), addresses, employee
    names, phone numbers).

(b) What topics would you like to see addressed by Symbolics Education
    Services in tutorials.

(c) What topics would you like to see in sessions. Give us some specific
    ideas about topics you'd like to learn about or see ideas shared about
    in the general sessions.

(d) Would you feel prepared to contribute to one of these sessions? If so,
    just give us info to contact you with and a brief statement of what
    you'd feel comfortable presenting - even if that's just an area of
    expertise, like knowing a lot about some networking issue, or about zmacs.
    If you're a real network whiz (for example) but don't have any single
    thing you'd like to present, that's okay ... we'll find a topic for you,
    one which will hopefully be useful to a lot of your fellow users.

(e) And (for added emphasis) APPLICATIONS!!! Tell us if you've hacked an
    interesting (from the point of view of using Symbolics' tools) application
    and whether you'd be interested in talking about its development (what
    was hard, easy, what it made you wish for, what techniques you developed
    and would share (and code, too, for the library).

Send all responses to slug90@ai.sri.com - and send copies of session topic,
tutorial, and 3rd party vendor ideas to the slug newsgroup as well to help
stimulate other people's thoughts.